Christmas visit at Jeevodaya


Anna Sułkowska - Head of the Secretariat of Jeevodaya Mission has just come back from a brief visit to Jeevodaya. She had an opportunity to celebrate, together with Dr. Helena Pyz and the citizens of Jeevodaya Centre, some beautiful days at Christmas time. After that she visited, together with a group of young people from Jeevodaya, the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Health in Vailankankanniw (the state of Tamil Nadu). She had also the fruitful meetings with the bishop of the Archdiocese of Raipur and the Polish ambassador in Delhi. The talks, in both cases, referred to the arrangements of the visit of the young people from the Centre to Poland for the World Youth Days in Krakow and Warsaw in July this year.
Coming soon this year
The year 2016 will be full of personal contacts on the line Jeevodaya - Poland. Very soon (by the end of January) a group of Donors and Friends of Jeevodaya we will visit India and the Centre. We will also be realizing the project for Sneha. She will go to Poland for diagnosis regarding her damaged head (the full story about Sneha you find here). We also expect Dr. Helena Pyz in Poland around April. In July a group of 18 young people from Jeevodaya will participate in WYD Kraków 2016. And finally we have a new idea to arrange and complete a library in Jeevodaya this year.